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The package jumped into his briefcase of its own accord – “The Master and Margarita” – Mikhail Bulgakov

July 11th, 2012 · No Comments · Morality

‘It’s not proper …’

‘I won’t hear any objection,’ Koroviev whispered right in his ear. ‘We don’t do this sort of thing but foreigners do. You’ll offend him, Nikanor Ivanovich, and that might be awkward. You’ve earned it …’
‘It’s strictly forbidden …’ whispered the chairman in a tiny voice, with a furtive glance around.

‘Where are the witnesses?’ hissed Koroviev into his other ear. ‘I ask you—where are they? Come, now …’

There then happened what the chairman later described as a miracle—the package jumped into his briefcase of its own accord, after which he found himself, feeling weak and battered, on the staircase. A storm of thoughts was whirling round inside his head. Among them were the villa in Nice, the trained cat, relief that there had been no witnesses and his wife’s pleasure at the complimentary tickets. Yet despite these mostly comforting thoughts, in the depths of his soul the chairman still felt the pricking of a little needle. It was the needle of unease.

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