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he had the face.. creamed and curded like a cow patty in a spring pasture – “All the King’s Men” – Robert Penn Warren 

June 28th, 2012 · No Comments · Description, Writing

There were four of us. There was Tiny Duffy, who was almost as big back then as he was to get to be. He didn’t need any sign to let you know what he was. If the wind was right, you knew he was a city-hall slob long before you could see the whites of his eyes. He had the belly and he sweated through his shirt just above the belt buckle, and he had the face, which was creamed and curded like a cow patty in a spring pasture, only it was the color of biscuit dough, and in the middle was his grin with the gold teeth. He was Tax Assessor, and he worse a flat hard straw hat on the back of his head. There was a striped band on the hat.


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