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Lazy Reading – “My Reading Life” – Bob Carr 

May 6th, 2012 · No Comments · Culture, Politics, Reading Related

Still, for many years my own reading was lazy – too much biography, current affairs and ephemeral political economy. Why didn’t I tackle War and Peace? Or reread James Joyce, first explored at University? Why didn’t I start reading Dostoyevsky in my forties? The answer is I was scared of being bored. There were no ‘How to Read’ books, no books on the canon. I needed someone, in effect, tp place a comforting arm on my shoulder and say, ‘Now Tolstoy isn’t that hard. Persist with the Russian names in the first fifty pages. Remember that there are two key characters, Andrey and Pierre.’ A bit of guidance, a few clues. That would have been enough. A reader needs a handful of notions so they don’t think they are going to drown, some idea of ‘Where is this writer taking me?’ And that’s enough to start.

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