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Housing in Mumbai – “Maximum City” – Suketu Mehta

March 26th, 2012 · No Comments · Humanism, India, Love, Parenting

For the vast majority of families in Bombay – seventy-three per cent, according to the 1990 census – home consists of only one room, for living, for sleeping, for cooking, for dining. The average is 4.7 persons to a room; Girish’s family exceeds this by 2.3 persons. The furniture of the room changes continuously, through the day; the bed of the night is the sofa of the morning; the dining table is the study table between meals. The residents, too, are quick-change artists, changing from nightclothes to dayclothes under a towel, behind a curtain, so quickly that you would think they are invisible. But invisibility is actually bestowed upon them, as the other inhabitants of the room avert their eyes during the moment of transformation. How on earth did the parents conceive five children in this slum room? There must have been a good deal seen and not watched, heard and not listened to.

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