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The Political Landscape – “Recollections of a Bleeding Heart” – Don Watson

March 22nd, 2012 · No Comments · Campaigning, Democracy, Politics

People talk about the ‘political landscape’, but it changes too quickly and unpredictably to be a landscape. It changed before our eyes and often for no apparent reason. Every time you looked it was different. One small cloud would change the colour. An event beyond the horizon, or too deep to comprehend, changed the mood from benign to belligerent in a flash. You would look back on a week or a month and wonder where the change began, but there was no saying. The experts would say they saw it coming, but they had to say it if they were to remain experts. The truth was no-one really knew. It was not a landscape so much as a seascape. That might also help explain why one minute politics seemed huge, like the source of all life itself; and a moment later a sad, puny, unarguable reminder of Nietzsche’s observation that ‘The living are only a species of the dead.’ It might also be why Caligula rode his horse into the waves and commanded Neptune to obey him. Politics was like the sea, though it also looked very like one of those television weather charts that show fronts swirling across the continent at a million times their real speed.

<blockquote>This is interesting, both Michael Oakeshott and Philip Gould have also described the political landscape as an ever changing ocean…</blockquote>

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