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Serb Unity – “The Fall of Yugoslavia”, Misha Glenny

February 15th, 2012 · No Comments · Ethnicity, Multi-culturalism

The great motor behind Serbian nationalist politics is the search for unity. The most powerful example of Serbian iconography is the symmetrical cross adorned with four Cs (the Cyrillic letter S), the two left-hand ones being printed as mirror images. This is an acronym for the phrase ‘Samo Sloga Srbina, Spasava’(Only Unity Can Save the Serb). Most nationalisms are based on the assumption that a state which encompasses all members of one nation can overcome all major social and economic evils. This is a deeply irrational assumption and one which Serbs, more than many nations, unwittingly expose – Serbian society is so deeply riven by provincial rivalry and indeed suspicion, that if the Serbs ever were to succeed in creating a stat which encompassed them all, they would be tearing each other to shreds within minutes.

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