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A Communist Beauty Content – “The Noodle Maker” – Ma Jian

February 5th, 2012 · No Comments · China, Communism

A few months before, the club had hosted the first beauty contest to take place in the town since the launch of the Open Door Policy. When the young women glided across the stage, a beautiful scent flowed from their thighs, nipples, stomach, feet, backs and buttocks, and filled the competition hall. The first part of the contest was a quiz on the memorandums issued at the Ninth Party Conference. The eventual winner had spent six months studying the documents, and got every question right.The last test was the swimwear competition. The women waltzed delicately across the stage, as the choir behind them sang: “‘Let us follow the advice of the Party Central Committee, and go to the rivers, lakes and seas to perform our morning exercises…’

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