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We All Need to Respect Money – “I Love Dollars” – Zhu Wen

February 2nd, 2012 · No Comments · China, Democracy

A handful of attractive girls, I sadly noted, had already been claimed by male mediocrities; all I could do was look on. For me, a self-avowed admirer of reason and justice, life could be painful. Men like me – men who were both outstandingly gifted and unusually sensitive – were thin on the ground these days.Your tragedy, I mentally addressed these unfortunate women, is that your beauty – which, let’s face it, will be gone before you know it – hasn’t won the public respect it deserves, just like my talent hasn’t won the acclaim it deserves. But don’t lose heart: the rise and rise of money – the only truly objective mediator between buyers and sellers – is good news for us, it’ll rescue us from the obscurity and neglect in which we unfairly languish. We all need to respect money: it corrupts us, it makes us arrogant, but it doesn’t mean to; it abases only so that we’re forced to strengthen ourselves’ it erodes our self restraint only to make us realise we never had any in the first place.

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