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So Why Didn’t an Australian Kill Hitler? – “Fromelles” – Patrick Lindsay

January 16th, 2012 · No Comments · Anzac, Australian, Australiana, History, War, WW1, WW2

The Luftwaffe bombed (Fromelles) on 27 May 1940, destroying some buildings when British ammunition trucks parked there were hit and exploded. The following day the Germans occupied the town once again. Then things went along uneventfully until 25 June, when France surrendered to the Germans. That very day, Chancellor Adolf Hitler, the former humble lance-corporal who had served with the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment at Fromelles, swept back into the village in triumph. With his entourage, including former comrades from 1916, Hitler spent the evening near Fromelles quietly celebrating victory over France at the second attempt. Hitler and his comrades-in-arms then toured the battlefield and were photographed outside the blockhouse where he took refuge during the battle from the advancing Australians, about 800 meteres along Rue de la Biette, down the hill from the Fromelles church and behind Rouges Bancs. Hitler then moved off to visit his old billet and his regiment’s cemetery in Fournes, never to be seen again in Fromelles.

So theoretically, an enterprising Aussie at Fromelles in WW1 could have shot Hitler and prevented the Holocaust!

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