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New Labor: New Danger – “The Unfinished Revolution: How New Labour Changed British Politics Forever” – Philip Gould

January 7th, 2012 · No Comments · Campaigning, Politics, Spin, UK Labour, United Kingdom

The Conservatives reacted immediately with the most famous advertisement of the campaign. It appeared on the same Sunday in the News of the World, the Mail on Sunday and Sunday Times, and portrayed Tony Blair with red, demonic eyes, alongside the caption: ‘One of Labour’s leaders, Clare Short, says dark forces behind Tony Blair manipulate party policy in a sinister way.’

(Mandelson’s) immediate instinct, which was the right one, was to react and not to ignore it. His strategy was to twist the advertisement from being a depiction of the dark and sinister forces behind Tony Blair, into portraying Tony Blair as satanic, which was incredible and would rebound on the Conservatives. For this he needed a bishop to condemn it. Peter Hyman discovered that the Bishop of Oxford was outraged by the advert and had put out a strong quote condemning the Tories for accusing Blair of being the devil. Hyman faxed it to Campbell, who said it was the one thing to make him smile that holiday. The advertisement was immediately rebranded on our terms. Not sinister forces manipulating Blair, but the desperate Tories labelling Blair as the devil.

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