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Architecture and Democracy – “Goodbye Babylon: Further Journeys in Time and Politics” – Bob Ellis 

September 15th, 2011 · No Comments · Architecture, Australian, Australiana, Democracy, History, Politics

(The Constitutional Convention on an Australian Republic) certainly proves, and proves without a doubt, that great architecture gives rise to great democracy, and bad architecture stifles or distorts it. In (Old Parliament House) you differ amiably, riposte, take lordly insult in good part. In the pharaonic tomb on the hill you yell, threaten, launch vendettas, and bore each other witless, literally witless, and retire in your forties; in that fraught Orwellian mausoleum of unending spaces and sealed-off private eg-chambers of demigods and their acolytes, you have little choice. ‘Government by conversation,’ as Churchill called it. And we had it in the old place, and of course it had to go.

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