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Careerists, Turncoats, Hypocrites – “Thoughtlines” – Bob Carr

June 20th, 2011 · No Comments · Australian Labor Party, Democracy, Ideology, Means and Ends, Politics, Progressive Politics

One of my favourite observations on the ALP  is by American historian C. Hartley Grattan, who wrote in 1944:

“It has struggled with every handicap to which political parties are heir. It has been burdened with careerists, turncoats, hypocrites, outright scoundrels, stuffy functionaries devoid of sense and imagination, bellowing enemies of critical intelligence, irritatingly self-righteous footers, demagogues, stooges for hostile outside groups and interests, aged and decayed hacks and ordinary blather-skites. Every party falls heir to these. But it has outlived them all and still stands for something: it stands for a social democratic Australia.”


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