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Australian Fascism and John Monash – “Thoughtlines” – Bob Carr

June 19th, 2011 · No Comments · Australian, Campaigning, Democracy, Electoralism, History, Leadership, Politics, Quotes, Socialism

General Monash’s response to requests that he lead a fascist takeover of Australia during the great depression:

“What do you and your friends want me to do? To lead a movement to upset the Constitution, oust the jurisdiction of Parliament, and usurp the governmental power? If so, I have no ambition to embark on High Treason, which any such action would amount to.

What would you say if a similar proposal were made by the Communists and Socialists to seize political power for the benefit of the proletariat and the extinction of the bourgeoisie, as they have done in Russia? Would you not call that Revolution and Treason to the Crown and Constitution?

Depend upon it, the only hope for Australia is the ballot-box, and an educated electorate. You and your people should get busy and form an organisation as efficient, as widespread, and as powerful as that of the Labor Party…
If it be true that many people in Sydney are prepared to trust my leadership, they should be prepared to trust my judgement.


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