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Ads within Ads “Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics” – Anonymous

June 11th, 2011 · No Comments · Campaigning, Political Fiction, Politics

Now where have we seen this advertising strategy before:

Harris responded quickly, though not very effectively, with one of the moldy-oldies of political advertising. He stood next to a television set and rolled one of our ads, then froze it with his remote control clicker: “Just look at this,” he said, much too hot for television. (In fact, there wasn’t very much to look at—just the “Will raise gas tax” slide.) “Haven’t we had enough of this kind of garbage?” Harris huffed and puffed. “Jack Stanton doesn’t want to talk about these issues. He just wants to scare you. Well, I don’t think Floridians scare easy—and I’m convinced that you are sick of politics as usual.”

“Why don’t we just click off his spot?” she scoffed.

“Not fucking bad!” Richard said.

“See, the governor could do it casual, funny—make fun of this shitbird’s negative. Do it just the way Harris did: Start off with our spot—reinforce our message in a backhand way. But then you pull back and it’s actually his spot: You show Harris clicking off our spot. Then, surprise! You pull back again and now it’s Stanton, clicking off Harris and kinda laughing about how silly this politics business is, y’knowhattamean? Sayin’, ‘Yeah, I saw this piece of shit too, and did you notice how this stuckup-dipshit-asshole still ain’t admitting that he wants to raise the gas tax and cut Social Security. Dontcha think it’s time to just Vote Smart? Vote for a human being.’ Y’knowhattamean?”

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