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The Romance of the Three Kingdoms – “China: Its History and Culture” – Morton, W. Scott

March 30th, 2011 · No Comments · China, Culture, Ethnicity, War

“Just as Shakespeare drew upon a fund of battle tales from the Wars of the Roses and the Japanese No plays dwelt upon the heroism of the Gempei Wars, so the Chinese authors of later drama and of the famous novel, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, found a rich mine of themes in this period of warfare and changing fortunes.

Cao Cao was cast as a villain, while Liu Bei of Shu-Han, claiming to carry on the traditions of the great Han dynasty, was the hero. Every Chinese is familiar with the stratagems of his loyal general, Zhuge Liang, and with the exploits of Guan Yu, who became deified as Guan Di, the God of War.”

After having watched “Red Cliff”, I can’t read the name ‘Liu Bei’ without my internal monologue pronouncing it in shocked incredulity… if you’ve seen the movie, you know the scene.


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