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“Franny and Zooey” – J. D. Salinger

March 12th, 2011 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The rest, with very little exaggeration, was books. Meant-to-be-picked-up books. Permanently-left-behind books. Uncertain-what-to-do-with books. But books, books. Tall cases lined three walls of the room, filled to and beyond capacity. The overflow had been piled in stacks on the floor. There was little space left for walking, and none whatever for pacing. A stranger with a flair for cocktail-party descriptive prose might have commented that the room, at a quick glance, looked as if it had once been tenanted by two struggling twelve-year-old lawyers or researchists. And, in fact, unless one chose to make a fairly thoughtful survey of the reading matter extant, there were few, if any, certain indications that the former occupants had both reached voting age within the predominantly juvenile dimensions of the room. True, there was a phone—the controversial private phone—on Buddy’s desk. And there were a number of cigarette burns on both desks. But other, more emphatic signs of adulthood— stud or cuff-button boxes, wall pictures, the telling odds and ends that collect on chiffonier tops —had been removed from the room in 1940, when the two young men “branched out” and took an apartment of their own.


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