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Wonderfully Pneumatic – “Brave New World” – Aldous Huxley

February 13th, 2011 · No Comments · Extremism, Love, Politics, Totalitarianism

“Lenina Crowne?” said Henry Foster, echoing the Assistant Predestinator’s question as he zipped up his trousers. “Oh, she’s a splendid girl. Wonderfully pneumatic. I’m surprised you haven’t had her.”

“I can’t think how it is I haven’t,” said the Assistant Predestinator. “I certainly will. At the first opportunity.”

I’ve always been intrigued at the dramatically different approaches that Huxley and Orwell took to sex in their dystopian visions. In 1984, sex of any kind was frowned upon by Big Brother as creating the risk of individuals loving each other more than they loved the Government. In Brave New World on the other hand, sex is viewed as one of the opiates of the masses, a pleasure that all citizens are pressured to partake in with as many partners as possible.


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