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I Tried to Make Her Love Me – “Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel” – Gary Shteyngart

December 2nd, 2010 · No Comments · Love

I focused on the living animal in front of me and tried to make her love me. I spoke extravagantly and, I hope, sincerely. Here’s what I remember. I told her I didn’t want to leave Rome now that I had met her. She again told me I was a nerd, but a nerd who made her laugh. I told her I wanted to do more than make her laugh. She told me I should be thankful for what I had. I told her she should move to New York with me. She told me she was probably a lesbian. I told her my work was my life, but I still had room for love. She told me love was out of the question. I told her my parents were Russian immigrants who lived in New York. She told me hers were Korean immigrants who lived in Fort Lee, New Jersey. I told her my father was a retired janitor who liked to go fishing. She told me her father was a podiatrist who liked to punch his wife and two daughters in the face. “Oh,” I said. Eunice Park shrugged and excused herself.


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